Bicho by Martinho Pita


Bicho by Martinho Pita

Bicho by Martinho Pita


When we create something it seems that we establish
a relation with it. By manipulating and therefore recreating it, somehow we give it a spirit of its own.

“Bicho” is a portuguese word without a direct translation.
It means something like a “creature”…a wild creature!

Bichos are hand-made lamps and each branch is unique creating a new range of lamp species. Although it doesn’t refer to any particular animal that i know of.

The light source of every member of this family is made by textile-covered electrical cords that run through each lamp in a different way resembling the blood as a life-giving source.

This species are born from the pruning of portuguese Holm (Holly) Oak trees.

Its wood is used since ancient times and is known
for its hardness and high quality firewood.

Lamp cycle to minimize waste:
tree pruning / brunch into lamp / lamp use / high-quality firewood

Bichos – Martinho Pita