Hior Chronik – Taking The Veil (2015)

Hior Chronik / Taking The Veil (2015)

Hior Chronik – Taking The Veil (2015)
©Kitchen Label

Kitchen Label から今年5月にリリースされたCD + ブックレット作品。Pill-Oh というデュオでも活動するベルリン在住の音楽家ヒオール・クロニック(Hior Chronik)のソロアルバム『Taking The Veil』です。まるで絵画のように美しいジャケット含む今作は、フォトグラファーでもあり、ヴォーカリストとしても本編に参加している Amber Ortolanoによる写真集ブックレット仕様になっている。

アンビエントなピアノによる、まさにシンプルさが美しい”Simple is Beautiful(feat. Field Rotation)”は必聴です。


Hior Chronik

Hior Chronik was born in Athens in 1974. His relationship with music started when he was working as a radio producer for Jazz fm in the early 90s’ and as a columnist for various music magazines. He began creating music about 7 years ago and today his focus is on minimal ambient based mainly on piano, characterized by cinematography, melancholy, scattered notes and long melodies that form expressive engagements. His music is featured in various films, documentaries as well as art performance.



01. London Bridges(feat. Amber Ortolano)
02. Nest of Autumn(feat. Sophie Hutchings)
03. Twice(feat. Amber Ortolano)
04. Small Wonders(feat. Yasushi Yoshida)
05. Cold Winter Morning(feat. Luup)
06. Simple is Beautiful(feat. Field Rotation)
07. Sailing Away(feat. Amber Ortolano)
08. We Are All Snowflakes(feat. Yoshinori Takezawa)
09. Oblivion(feat. Field Rotation)
10. Can You Hear(feat. Familiar Trees)
11. When The Night Comes(feat. Daphne Farazi)
12. Between Two Rooms(feat. Seiji Takahashi)
13. The Sense We Make(feat. Halo)
14. Quiet Inside Your Chest(feat. Aaron Martin)
15. The Ghost You Left Behind